Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

is committed to protecting the privacy of Our users. We will never email or contact you without your consent, and we keep all information stored with us very confidential and never share any data of your business with third parties agencies or apps.

Use of Information

NRC DIGITAL is a provider of SEO services and another digital marketing service in Canada. The clients are invited to contact us through the website where they share their data while using our services which may be used only for reference purposes!

Collection of Information

To use our services, you need only one thing: Personal data is given when filling out contact forms or requesting quotes from us via email; but also through the website itself.


NRC DIGITAL takes all possible efforts to protect your data. At the same time, we expect you as a user of our service not only to provide information when it is required but also ensure that what’s given will never go beyond the scope of what was asked for and needed by either ourselves or third party vendors on behalf of us But if any transmission does happen through this website then there’ll be no responsibility taken from anyone involved including yourselves so please don’t transmit anything without requiring such activity.

Contact Us

We are committed to protecting your privacy. If you have any questions about our policies, please reach us at where we’ll be happy to help!

Notification of Changes

No prior notice is required for you! The users must read our website’s terms of service before using it – when they do share their information or use our site (for example by creating an account), they agree that these rules apply and provide us data about themselves as well- both at registration time; also while browsing without logging into anything personal like email addresses etc. If users do not agree with our policy strictly do not share their information.

Refund Policy

NRC DIGITAL is committed to providing you, our customer complete transparency with regard to the policies in regards to cancellation or refunding an order. Here are their terms:

Cancellation Policies

1. Cancellation is considered valid only after counter-confirmation and if the same will be confirmed by the respective department and management of the company.

2. It is important that a cancellation request be made well in advance. The person or department who can grant permission for one’s absence must first respond accordingly and then the necessary steps will have been taken towards resolving this matter as quickly as possible.
3. Cancellation request will be valid only if the execution of the project is not started. Sometimes website traffic can be low due to third-party services like development and hosting and we are not responsible in such cases for low traffic.

Refund Policies

We know that paying for a service means you are committing to it. You can’t get out of your contract after the work has been done, so if something goes wrong during our project’s execution or if traffic on your site drops afterwards – don’t worry! Our Digital team will be available for support 24/7 until everything is back up and running properly. Once the project is under execution and not getting the supposed result in rank you are not asking for any refund of fees.

We regret to inform you that there are no requests for refunds from the client. We understand how important it is and apologize in advance if this turns out negatively, however, the website may require maintenance at a later stage or additional fulfillment which was not listed during the construction phase but would have been provided anyway had they requested them- these tasks could incur an extra charge above what has already been delivered so please keep this possibility under consideration when pricing your project costs accordingly.